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GBCK Urban Camo Kits

GBCK Urban Camo Kits

Get Bit's New line of Camo blanks is perfect for any type of fishing, trout, redfish, walleye, you name it they can handle it! With new lengths, action, and power this line is better than ever! You can't beat the pricing, the look, or the feel! Get yours today at Getbitoutdoors.com! Available in Pink, Blue, White, Black, Pink Camo, Muddy Girl, Urban Camo, and Digitial Camo.

Kit Includes the following components. *All items are subject to change if unavailable at the time of purchase.

Reel Seat Grips Winding Checks Guides Tip Tops
Graphite Spinning Seat CFG1.5-.400 (foregrip) Black Rubber Check 10mm Black Frame Get Bit BPLT
Size 17 CFG2.0-.350 (rear grip) Black Rubber Check 11mm Gray Ring Black Frame
Black Body CA1.5-.420 (butt grip) Black Rubber Check 12mm BVSLG Size: 25, 16 10, 08 Gray Ring
Silver Hood CBC4-4 (butt cap)   BFLG Size: 7, 6 x 4  

*For guide spacing recommendations, please check out our Guide Spacing Chart.