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Large Gimbal Covers/Butt

Large Gimbal Covers/Butt

  • Forecast Large Gimbal Covers/Butt

    A composition of Nylon and Rubber makes these caps ultra strong and very comfortable. UV resistant material. Internally ribbed for easy removal. Can also be used as a butt cap. Many sizes to choose from. Helps protect expensive aluminum butts.
    Item Length Gimbal I.D. Gimbal O.D. Suggested For Price
    LBC22 76mm(2.99) 22mm(0.866) 35mm(1.37) Rod Blanks $1.63
    LBC24 76mm(2.99) 24mm(0.945) 35mm(1.37) Rod Blanks $1.63
    LBC26 76mm(2.99) 26mm(1.02) 35mm(1.37) Rod Blanks $1.63
    LBC28 76mm(2.99) 28mm(1.10) 35mm(1.37) Rod Blanks $1.63
    LBC30 76mm(2.99) 30mm(1.18) 35mm(1.37) AG27/NGL $1.63