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Weighted Butts

Weighted Butts

  • Forecast Weighted Butt

    Made with weighted brass material, this is the perfect way to counter balance your favorite custom rod. Simply glue the top section of the system on the bottom of your handle assembly in place of your normal butt cap. Then choose the appropriate weight to screw onto the bottom of the upper section.

    *Does not include Thread Butt Cap Insert

    Item Length Butt I.D. Butt O.D. Depth Weight Price
    CBS-2 Suggested Blanks: Up to 7.6" 34.79mm(1.37) When Assembled N/A 30.57mm(1.20) N/A 2.00oz $21.92
    CBS-3.75 Suggested Blanks: Up to 8.6" 40.76mm(1.60) When Assembled N/A 30.90mm(1.30) N/A 3.75oz $24.90
    TFB Weighted Triangle Fighting Butt N/A N/A N/A $7.46
  • Forecast Threaded Butt

    Made with aluminum material. Threaded insert to go with the CBS Weighted Butt Caps

    *Does not included Weighted Butt Cap

    Item Length Butt I.D. Butt O.D. Depth Weight Price
    CBS-INS-B Goes with CBS Weighted Butt Caps 22.23mm(0.875) 19.43(0.765) N/A 19.68mm(.775) $4.45