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Rubber Gimbals

Rubber Gimbals

  • Forecast Rubber Gimbals

    UV resistant rubber material. Great for heavy duty saltwater inshore rods. Bottom is grooved to fit fighting butt pins. Also works as a bulb style butt cap. Internally ribbed for better glue bonding to blank.
    Item Length Gimbal I.D. Gimbal O.D. Suggested For Price
    RG1-16.0 46.0mm(1.810) 16.0mm(0.630) 27.11mm(1.060) 35.14mm(1.38) $2.46
    RG1-23.0 46.0mm(1.810) 23.0mm(0.905) 27.11mm(1.060) 35.14mm(1.38) $2.46
    RG2-27.0 44.0mm(1.720) 27.0mm(1.060) 31.37mm(1.235) 35.93mm(1.41) $2.64