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Built on classic designs, the incorporation of S-Glass has brought back the popularity these old school designs once commanded. If there ever was a true west coast rod line, this is it. Built to throw everything from anchovies to heavy iron, these rods exemplify Southern California fishing. You don’t need to be a Pinhead to fish these rods, but they are designed that if you are one, you will be able to scrape together enough cash to get any one you want.
  • Pinhead

    Item Application Len Line Pcs Action Butt Tip Wt Price
    PH-S36 Pinhead 8' 15-30 lb. 1 Med 0.980 10 $125.00
    PH-SD8 Pinhead 8' 25-50 lb. 1 Med 1.160 12 $143.00
    PH-BH89 Pinhead 8'9" 15-30 lb. 1 Med 1.050 9 $144.00
    PH-LM9 Pinhead 9' 20-40 lb. 1 Med 1.030 10 $148.00