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Black Steel

Black Steel

Black Steel™ blanks are built from longitudinal 120g graphite carbon fiber, E-type fiberglass, and a proprietary resin bonding system that allows us to combine the two materials without fear of de-lamination. Our Black Steel blanks have been the standard in the industry. They have slightly softer actions to accomodate the use of braided lines with short top-shots but have the pulling power to stop the hardest fighting fish swimming. Unlike other composite blank manufacturers, we have an extensive lineup of different actions that meet the needs of the most discerning fisherman. There are a number of models that aren’t even built into our seeker finished rod lineup. Those are reserved for the fisherman who is looking for that specialty rod that no one else has. Black Steel blanks use a polyurethane* high gloss coating with UV inhibitors. This coating has been found to be the most durable and the most long lasting of any that have been used in the past.
  • Black Steel

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