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The Judge

The Judge

Now we’re not talking about your grandfathers GTO from the sixties and seventies. The new JUDGE series from RainShadow will leave an impression on you just like the iconic GTO did in its day. The Jaguar design team spent over 18 months developing and tweaking this new series from RainShadow. Manufactured in the USA, these new blanks feature our own proprietary blend of custom formulated S-Glass, RX7 graphite and our new exclusive state of the art DPH Technology (Diamond Poly Helix carbon wrap) which increases lifting power and reduces torsion. Unlike typical live bait blank designs, the new Judge series features small diameter, low taper per inch designs which makes fitting handles and reel seats much easier. On normal blanks of this type there is a tremendous amount of taper in the handle area making it difficult to ream handle material and arbor reel seats. By drastically reducing the taper in the bottom 40” of each model you can now expect much simpler assembly and far better glue to component bonding strength. No more reel seats or grips coming loose due to spotty glue coverage. The new JUDGE live bait designs are about 10-15% lighter than other RainShadow live bait designs. By using Custom Formulated S-Glass, RX7 graphite and our exclusive ”Diamond Poly Helix” carbon wrap the new Judge Live bait blanks are lighter, cast further, are more sensitive and the Diamond Poly Helix carbon wrap reduces torque in the bottom half of the rods by 15%…all without adding any weight. The search for the ultimate live bait blank just ended. This new series is a masterpiece and will, without question, become the new standard to which all other live bait designs will be judged. FEATURED HIGHLIGHTS Modern Blend of RX7 Graphite/S-Glass S-Glass Pattern with RX6 Graphite Added to the Bottom ½ of the Blank for Lighter Weight, Increased Sensitivity, Slimmer Rear Profile, and Greater Lifting Power S-Glass Tip for Extra Fast Action and High Strength Perfect Live Bait and Crankbait Blanks Striking Clear Gloss Finish Limited Lifetime Warranty TECHNOLOGIES IMR OCR DPH OWT DMP ATT CCTC LENGTHS 7’0”-8’10” COLOR Clear Gloss and Diamond Poly Helix Carbon POWER Extra Light -Heavy ACTION Fast – Mod-Fast
  • Live Bait Blanks

    Model Application Len Line Lure Butt Tip Action Pwr Wt Price
    JDGLB70XL-CG SW Live bait / iron / all purpose / keeper sturgeon 7' 10-25 3/8-1 1/2 0.550 7.0 Fast XL 4.6oz $164.94
    JDGLB70L-CG SW Live bait / iron / all purpose / Albacore 7' 15-30 3/4-3 0.570 7.0 Fast L 5.7oz $175.64
    JDGLB70ML-CG Saltwater Livebait Anchovie Inshore 7' 20-40 2-6 0.600 7.5 Fast ML 6.6oz $180.97
    JDGLB70M-CG Saltwater Livebait Anchovie/Sardine Offshore 7' 20-50 2-8 0.655 8.0 Fast M 8.6oz $191.66
    JDGLB80XL-CG Saltwater Livebait Anchovie Inshore 8' 10-25 3/8-1 1/2 0.590 7.0 Fast XL 5.7oz $183.65
    JDGLB80L-CG Saltwater Livebait Anchovie/Sardine Inshore/Offshore 8' 15-30 3/4-3 0.610 7.0 Fast L 6.6oz $188.98
    JDGLB80ML-CG Saltwater Flyline (Freeline) Anchovie/Sardine Inshore 8' 20-40 2-6 0.678 8.0 Fast ML 9.3oz $199.68
    JDGLB80M-CG Saltwater Livebait Sardine/ iron 8' 20-50 2-8 0.695 8.5 Fast M 9.4oz $205.02
    JDGLB810L-CG Saltwater Flyline (Freeline) Anchovie 8'10" 15-30 3/4-3 0.760 7.0 Fast L 6.4oz $207.69
    JDGLB810ML-CG Saltwater Flyline (Freeline) Anchovie/Sardine 8'10" 20-40 2-6 0.765 7.0 Fast ML 7.4oz $226.40
    JDGLB810M-CG Saltwater Livebait Mackerel/sardine / iron 8'10" 20-50 2-8 0.790 7.5 Fast M 9.4oz $234.42